Known as the leading supplier in jacks, leveling and stabilization products for travel trailers and fifth wheels, their product reach goes well beyond these categories.  With products for trailer security, appliance protection, steps and more, it is easy to see why Ultra-Fab is an industry leader.  Visit ultra-fab.com

RV Designer

Hardware is Hardware, but RV Designer raises Hardware to an art form.  They are known for their extreme user friendly nature and their ability to effect great store improvements.  With superior merchandising solutions to make your showroom more attractive and your Hardware section more profitable.  They are able to take 16’ worth of hardware product and display it in 8’.  Visit rvdesigner.com


The only tow bar with a lifetime warranty.  The only tow bar with a 12,000# rating.  Steel and Aluminum tow bars with integrated, in-line braking systems.  visit readybrake.com

LaSalle Bristol

A leading provider to the industry in a number of categories, in the aftermarket they have amazing products in roofing, roof sealants, plumbing, faucets and lighting.  Visit lasallebristol.com


With two leading brands in their stable, ProPack is a great mixture of products.  BEST cleaning chemicals are the BEST formulations on the market.  Their rubber roof cleaner and black streak remover in particular have amazing results.  Kronen Premium sanitation treatment handles waste the way nature intended and in a manner that keeps RVing enjoyable for all.  Visit propackpackaging.com

Quick Roof / Cofair

With instructions as easy as “sticky side down”, this awesome roof repair tape should be in every RV for the inevitable roof snag or hole.  It is a quick and permanent repair that is likely to outlive your RV roof.  Available in white, tan & black.  Visit cofair.com


One of the original RV wash brushes and still the highest quality line on the market.  With a variety of heads and poles available you can mix and match to find the perfect combination for you.  Available with stiff brushes for roof maintenance and super soft brushes for side-walls.  If it doesn’t say Adjust-A-Brush then it is just a brush.  Visit adjust-a-brush.com


Wirthco specializes in battery maintenance products and makes some of the best in the world.  They also have a full line of electrical connectors for easy access by retail customers while shopping in your store.  Visit wirthco.com


The goal is quality, innovative products and Pinnacle hits the mark.  With the most advanced laundry products in the RV market and other appliances such as microwaves, wine coolers and cooktops, Pinnacle has taken is place as a leading provider of innovation to the market.  Visit pinnaclecombos.com

Smart Plug

SmartPlug’s RV cordsets & inlets offer maximum safety and ease-of-use.  Their superior design pushes straight in – No hassle finding the right alignment.  Spring loaded side latches automatically lock the plug into place – No plastic lock ring to cross thread or break.  No overheating – SmartPlug pins and clips efficiently transfers power with over 20 times the metal-to-metal contact vs. the twist-type systems or standard plug systems.  Visit smartplug.com


As the leading provider of interior and exterior lighting to the RV manufacturers, Optronics knows what you need in  your store and on your RV.  That's why they have a full assortment of incandescent and LED lighting solutions.  With a range of planograms designed to look good in your showroom and help you help your customers to easily find what they need. Visit optronicsinc.com


Finally, a brake control that will not interfere with your on-board computer and will drop out of the circuit if it detects and second brake control.  Mounts to the trailer for easy accessibility.  Key-fob remote for easy handling from the driver’s seat. Visit getautobrake.com

United Products

A price conscience line of bike carriers designed for the RVer.  Visit unitedproducts.us

Dynamic Suspension

A revolutionary new leaf spring support that prevents squatting and improves the ride of your towing vehicle.  No need for weight distribution or sway control and this spring system prevents squatting and swaying.  With tapered design it fully activates when loaded, but only partially activates when not loaded.  So the ride is easy whether loaded or not.  Visit dynamicsuspensions.us