Our Approach

We are here to help you sell more product and creating happy customers.  We do this through (1) education (product knowledge and sales strategies), (2) store set-up (merchandising) and (3) program management (working with suppliers through distributors to increase your profits).  But still, in the end, it boils down to everyone selling more product and creating happy customers.

Our Story

With over 30 years of experience, our Managing Partner has worked at a dealership, at a major distributor and with a major supplier.  Our staff consist of people with dozens of years of field and management experience as well as some "new blood".  All of this experience can be put to work for your benefit and your profitability.

Meet the Team

With the perfect mix of seasoned professionals and enthusiastic newbies, we bring industry experience and new ideas to help our partners stay fresh and provide the service everyone wants.

Raymond Padgett

Founder & CEO 404.754.8928

Raymond started at a dealership and lead the Parts and Service team to record profits.  He was then recruited by StagParkway where  he held a sales management position and a position as Category Direct.  Keystone asked him to help start their RV initiative.  Then he moved to Blue Ox as VP of Marketing.

Kurt Free

Sales Group Director   574.322.1276

Kurt was born into the RV industry. His expertise with RV Dealers involves helping them with inventory control, store layout, merchandising, and training, both in product knowledge, and sales techniques.

Scott Wirkler

Regional Sales Manager  817.564.3137

Scott is an 18-year industry veteran who has gained valuable insight into all aspects of the RV industry. Scott is a firm believer of product training at all levels of the dealership.  He currently serves on the TRVA Board of Directors.

Brandon Zuckerman

South West Regional Representative


With experience helping customers in the automotive industry, Brandon stands poised to help dealers, distributors and  suppliers grow their market share in the RV industry.

Next Steps...

Want to find out what ARC can do to help grow your business.  Drop us an email and we'll contact you to work out a plan.